KIOS Premiere!

Kickin' It Old Skoolが27日にアメリカ・カナダで劇場公開されました!前日にはロサンゼルスで一足先にプレミアが行われ、監督のHarvey Glazerやジェイミーを含むキャストのほとんどが出席しました。



Yo! The day is finally here...

KICKIN' IT OLD SKOOL is in theaters EVERYWHERE TODAY and waiting for you to check it out this weekend! Thanks for all ur support, and hit me back wit a comment once you check out the movie. (U r gonna laff your ass off)

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[Kickin' It In 1986]
April 27,1986:Captain Midnight(John R. MacDougall), interrupts HBO's signal with.

by jklovelier_21 | 2007-04-27 23:53 | KIOS Special