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JKX(The Jamie Kennedy Experiment)でジェイミーは様々な変装をしてドッキリを仕掛けましたが、その際に必ずといっていいほど歌うんです!!どれもファンの間では大好評!というわけで、いくつかをここでご紹介しようと思います。

"Lou Hollander's song" - Lou Hollander(Jamie Kennedy)
Part 1
Got the news,news,news
His name is Lou,Lou,Lou
Coming to straight to youse

Part 2
I'm the paper man,
I'm the paper man
I deliver the papers as fast as I can

ジェイミーがフォークシンガー・Kris Kreedに扮した時に歌った曲です。(第一シーズン)

"High On Life" - Kris Kreed (Jamie Kennedy)

I see all these faces out here, most of them are lost
Stay away from drugs and booze, sex at every cost
And go ahead and party, enjoy your wine and song
In twenty years you can tell your kids, if you live that long

Not drugs!
Not booze!
You snooze,
You Lose!

I'm high, I'm high on life!
I'm high, I'm high on life!

Now looking out here
I see a lot of interesting faces
But I also see some losers
Well, but ya' see losers with potential
Potential lawyers.....potential doctors...hell, even potential assistant grocery managers!

And ya'll havin' a good time?
Well, all it takes is gettin' outta'(out of) that sun
And gettin' into a book!
Put your drinks down
And get inside of a book!
Do it before it's too late, all you drunk losers!

No porn!
No sleaze!
You're all free from disease!

I'm high, I'm high on life!
I'm high, I'm high on life!

No drugs!
No booze!
You snooze,
You lose!

I'm high, I'm high on life!
I'm high, I'm high on life!

No title(タイトル不明)
Yes....my friends.....
Are you here to see
Something's so different from all your life and mystery
Are you ready to come with me
And in fantasy
Are you ready to free your mind?
In time
Your minds will be mine
In time......
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